Dierickx Farms, Inc.


Tim Dierickx, of Dierickx Farms, is a third generation farmer in the Banks Oregon area. The farm, started by his grandfather back in 1905, has been a Century Farm for the last eight years. His grandparents, having emigrated from Belgium, started their life in the new country with a brief stay in Nebraska but eventually moving west to the fertile land Tualatin Valley of western Oregon. It was there that they purchased and settled on the 180 acre farm that is still farmed today. Over the years that farm has expanded to over 300 acres.

Tim and his son Thomas manage the farm now. Together they grow delicious, healthy black raspberries as well as wheat, clover, corn, and a few acres of sugar beet and spinach seed crops. At one time not too long ago they grew many acres of delicious Oregon strawberries.

Tim is quite proud of his collection of farm tractors and other farm equipment, plus his fleet of Chevy pickups. He will be glad to show them off if you inquire. Tim's other off farm interest is the annual Banks Tractor Pull which he MC's every year. He draws on many years of experience to really bring the event to life and knows everyone in the crowd. So don't be surprised if he doesn't start throwing names out over the speakers.

Thank you Tim and Thomas; Scenic Fruit Company is proud to be a part of your family farm!