Food Safety. Quality.

We’re serious about it. Really.

Food Safety and Quality aren’t just concepts or programs at Scenic Fruit Company—they are values woven in our company culture and rooted into the essence of everything we do. We focus on preventing and identifying concerns prior to problems arising. This preventive approach can be challenging, especially in the world of minimally processed foods where the use of a “kill step” is un¬utilized. To meet today’s challenges, we’ve created an array of food safety programs spreading our focus beyond our production lines.

Food safety has become a hot topic over the last few years. Some think product testing is the answer while others argue stronger inspections are needed in order to achieve a high level of confidence in our food. We agree that these concepts are pieces of a comprehensive, science based food safety system. At Scenic Fruit Company, the answer is the act of questioning our assumptions. We study and challenge our quality systems to ensure we can control hazards before they can affect our products.