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Scenic Fruit has a strong network of like-minded growers, suppliers and freezers who are linked globally by a shared focus on quality. Together we’ve made the world’s best quality frozen fruit and berries available to you. Leave the hard work to us, and sit back and enjoy the fruit of our labor. Literally.



Blueberries are native to North America— and a staple food for most households! This perfect finger food is both practical and diverse. Blueberries have a rich, spicy flavor.



Most often, the word “blackberries” refers to the large, generic world of cultivated wild cane varieties of the evergreen blackberry. These fruits are typically bold in flavor and sweetness with just a hint of tartness to remind us of their Rubus roots. The Pacific Northwest is prime growing grounds for blackberries and home to some of the best!



Nothing expresses the excitement of summer’s start like a fresh strawberry. With our frozen strawberries, you can access that fresh, crisp sweetness all year long! Our fruit can be sorted to meet your need: Size, Characteristics, whatever!


Black Raspberry

This quirky little berry starts out red, but darkens (and gets really tasty) as it ripens by the 4th of July.



OK… technically, Rhubarb is a vegetable. But it sure goes good in a pie! This nostalgic food has been a spring staple for generations! The ability to slice and freeze Rhubarb fast enough after harvest to preserve it's pure qualities is an art and we are honored to provide frozen sliced rhubarb on a commercial scale.


Red Raspberry

Red Raspberries are a traditional favorite. The unique sweet/tart flavor of red raspberries make them a delightful ingredient or as-is snack. And the hollow cap allows the kids to put them on their fingers! Go ahead, play with your food!



This berry comes from mysterious legend. The story goes a spinally, weed choked vine was recovered from the abandoned farm of Rudolf Boysen by none other than Walter Knott in the 1930’s. He nurtured the plant back to health and started selling the big, delicious fruit at his farm stand in California. Where did this odd hybrid come from? Only Rudolf Boysen truly knows!


Marion Blackberries

A hybrid of evergreen blackberries and the cherished Boysenberry, the Marion Blackberry has a distinct flavor from other blackberries.



With a tart distinctive flavor, cranberries are often considered a holiday fruit and are one of the few major fruits native to North America.



Known for its beautiful color, juicy texture and sweet flavor, mangos are one of the most popular fruits in the world.



One of the most unusual looking plants, Pineapple has a lush tropical flavor with a perfect balance of both sweet and tart.



Unlike most fruit, bananas are harvested almost every week of the year. It’s no wonder this sweet, firm, and creamy fruit is such a popular household item.